Strong governance underpins all aspects of our operations.

The Changarawe Project is UK-registered project which raises funds for a range of initiatives in Changarawe village. These initiatives are delivered by Childhood Development Organisation (CDO), a Tanzania-registered NGO based in Changarawe village, which has 18 employees. The salaries and running costs of CDO, as well as the cost of the initiatives, are paid by The Changarawe Project. 

CDO is run by its three most senior members: the executive director, the programme officer and the secretary.  The activities and governance of CDO are overseen by an executive committee comprising the executive director and four independent committees. Employees and villagers are also regularly involved in scrutinising the operation and impact of the Project.

The trustees of The Changarawe Project, who are volunteers, meet at least twice a year to discuss distribution of funds and the Project’s long-term development and fundraising strategy. 

The two organisations work together under a memorandum of understanding, which is renewed annually.